Allen Linlöpare Aluminium 12mm


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Keelboat Sheet Deflector. Allen Keelboat Fairleads have been designed for use on boats up to 40ft/12m where a shallow angle deflection is required for any control line or sheet. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications. Manufactured from high marine grade 7075 aluminium for extra strength and corrosion resistance. Hard anodised in black with a pad printed Allen logo. Installation of the keelboat fairlead range is simple and can be done by following these steps. 1. Check the fixing hole centre dimensions and mark them onto the deck of your boat in the position you want the fairlead to be mounted. 2. Using the correct size drill bit for your fairlead (details of fixing holes sizes in product drawings) drill the required 2 or 3 fixing holes into your deck. Slightly bevel the holes to allow sealant to form a good sealing ring. 3. Using marine grade sealant, apply a generous circle around the bottom of the fairlead and in the fixing holes. 4. Insert the bolts (not included) into the holes from below the deck. It is recommended to use washers to help spread the load. 5. Using the correct tool, tighten the bolts. Tips – Use tape to hold bolts in place under the deck. Use hex head bolts made from 316 stainless steel. Use large washers to help spread the load.

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