Blacksmith Vimpel, Olympic SWE

BlacksmithArtikelnummer: BS-OL-SWE

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Högpresterande vimpel för båtar mellan 13 - 20 fot.

Blacksmith vimplarna är tillverkade för hand i 3D Carbon. De är precist balanserade med en 2.2 gram tung vikt. Vimpeln är 210 mm lång och totala höjden på vimpeln är 260 mm. Rekommenderas på båtar från 13 - 20 fot. Enkel att montera. Varje vimpel kalibreras och testas. M4 gängad fot. Effektiv i vindar från 0.8 knop upp till 40 knop.


  • Längd: 210 mm
  • Höjd: 260 mm
  • Vikt: 13.8 gram

Vem står bakom Blacksmith?

At the age of 11 Piotr Kowalewski began his sports career. Notorious school rogue and maverick met PE teacher who happened to be a great sailing instructor. From that moment on Piotr started spending all his after school time sailing and racing. Local yacht club became his home even during winters when he was sweating in shipyard diligently learning how to improve his sailing gear and ultimately to improve his performance in regatta.

The sweat and training paid off and Piotr became an accomplished sailor with many National and European Champion titles in different yacht classes.

At the same time Piotr was gaining his job experience in designing production processes for plastic and other petrochemical industry. The knowledge how technologies enable production processes to be upgraded and how they influence quality and characteristics of a product are now valuable contribution to Blacksmith project.

Over 40 year experience made Piotr Kowalewski feel the needs of sailors and understand expectations they have as far as sailing gear is concerned. The Blacksmith project is about understanding and satisfying the need for sophisticated, professional and effective sailing gear.

In 2016 Blacksmith project is going global introducing state of the art wind indicators. Get ready for more.

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