KCW45 Vinsch Compact

KarverArtikelnummer: PF1205836

Kampanjpris13 395 kr
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The KCW is an ultra-compact 2-speed winch for sailboats up to 40 feet (12 meters). It is the only winch on the market to offer both a very fast speed (1st speed) and a very powerful speed (2nd speed). Hosting a Main Sail or a tacking will seem particularly easy! It replaces any winch up to size 40. It is more than time to switch for a Compact!

Safe Working Load 850 Kg
Base diameter 130 mm
Max height 143 mm
Drum diameter 84 mm
Min/Max Line 8 to 11 mm
Max speed 26.4 cm per winch handle turn
Max power 45 Kg

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