KPW150 Vinsch Extra Power


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The KPW is an innovative 4-speed automatic winch and very (very) performance oriented: 2 speeds identical to other winches on the market and 2 extra speeds extremely powerful ... 3 times more powerful than any other winch on the market.

For example, the KPW110 has the same dimensions as a winch of 40 (base 170 mm) but the power of a winch 2 to 3 times bigger. But what will you do with so much power? The answer is easy: 3 times more power also means 3 times less effort to pull a similar load. In other words, the KPW simply makes navigation a lot less physical and more enjoyable. The KPW is so powerful that it becomes a real alternative to electric winches. The sea becomes accessible to all.

Safe Working Load 1 800 Kg
Base diameter 220 mm
Max height 203 mm
Drum diameter 100 mm
Min/Max Line 8 to 14 mm
Max speed 13.1 cm winch handle turn
Max power 156 Kg

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