KSW52 Vinsch Extra Speed

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The KSW is an innovative 4-speed automatic winch and very (very) performance oriented: 2 speeds identical to other winches on the market and 2 extra ultra fast speeds.

At the maneuver, the difference is just incredible: the rope is grinded 6 times faster than a winch of similar size. Many sailors have already adopted and gain distance at each maneuver: hosting sails, gybing, tacking, ... These manual winches are so fast that it is no longer necessary to take the slack of the rope. The maneuvers are safe and fast, the sails flap less, the boat loses less speed, 6 times faster = 6 times less turn to give. The KSW is simply the fastest winch on the market!

Safe Working Load: 1 500 Kg
Base diameter: 220 mm
Max height: 203 mm
Drum diameter: 100 mm
Min/Max Line: 8 to 14 mm
Max speed: 65.4 cm per winch handle turn
Max power: 55.4 Kg

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