Optiparts Mast Klubb

OptipartsArtikelnummer: EX1010

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The SCHOOL ¯ 45 x 2 mm mast, ¯ 31.75 X1.6 mm boom and ¯ 25.4 x 1.6 mm sprit are all made of tempered 6082 Aluminum tube. The SCHOOL mast is fitted with a stainless steel halyard block, a stainless steel halyard and downhaul cleat, a nylon pin stop and two stainless steel eyes for fixing the head of the sail. The SCHOOL boom has blue nylon in- and outboard end fittings, a stainless steel outhaul cleat and nylon fittings for the mainsheet and downhaul. The SCHOOL sprit has blue nylon sprit ends.

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