Optiparts Rigg Silver Regatta

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Less stiff than Blackgold and ideal for light weight sailors who just started
racing.The SILVER mast, boom and sprit are made of high quality
aluminum tube.
The lightweight 40 mm SILVER boom is much stiffer than the 32 mm
school boom and will allow the sailor to put more tension on the leach.
The ø 25.4 mm SILVER sprit has 15 cm anti chafe protection tubing.
The Optiparts Silver set has the following features:
- Stainless steel hook-in block backing plate
- 2 special top pins
- Low friction wind indicator
- Aluminum halyard and downhaul Clamcleat
- Hook-in block with aluminum sheave in a nylon casing
- Line package with, 2 to 1, 4 mm Vectran halyard, 3 mm Dyneema bridle
with ring, Dyneema outhaul, Spliced Vectran / 6 mm Dyneema downhaul

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