SeaSure Roderbeslag Nedre 32mm Hona med bussning 8mm


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Our Rudder gudgeons are available with either 8mm or 10mm holes and with 2 or 3 hole fixings on each side of the straps. All of our rudder fittings have 5mm fixing holes. Typically a 2 hole fitting is used at the top of the rudder/stock and a 3 hole at the bottom however there is no harm in having a 3 hole fitting at the top also for added strength. Our transom fittings only work with other Sea Sure fittings as the diameter of the pins & holes are different to that of other manufacturers. Our gudgeons are available with and without bushes. A bush is the preferred choice as once it is worn out you can replace just the bush (18.39) and not the complete fitting.

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