Gottifredi Maffioli DSK 78 Race Poly 10mm Gul/Svart, 10,65m UTFÖRSÄLJNING

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Längd: 10,65 meter

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The extension of the range of our famous heat-set Dyneema SK78 ropes is the most relevant news of the 2013 catalogue. The DSK78 range now features three different product lines, each characterized by a different tensile strength and a different set of cover options and core/cover ratios. The famous DSK78 Race lines retain all their characteristics of high strength and supreme control that made them the favourite choice of the worlds most successful racing teams and they now feature an even wider range of high resistance covers, for a very finely tuned performance.

Construction: Double Braid

Core: DSK78 Ultra

Cover: H.T. Polyester

Use: Control lines, sheets, halyards

Characteristics: Versatile cover with good abrasion resistance, for allround use

Weight: 71,6 g/m
Breaking load: 5950 daN

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